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Any reproduction, in whole or in part, of documents contained on the MPA website is subject to the prior approval of the MPA. Most of the documents on this website come from the Association des Anciens Pilotes de Mirage 5B (MPA) database. This database, with over 200,000 photos and other scanned documents, is built up from Mirage squadron albums and contributions from squadron personnel. The MPA holds the right to use these documents for strictly private purposes, such as publication on this site. Many of the documents also come from various sources, including supporters of the Belgian Mirage 5 universe. The MPA has taken all necessary steps to identify the authors of the photos and obtained their agreement to their use. Despite our efforts, this may not have been possible for some pictures. Any rightful claimants are encouraged to make themselves known by contacting the secretariat at the following e-mail address: We are committed to respect copyrights and resolve any claims appropriately. If you believe that a document on this site infringes your copyright, please contact us immediately so that we can take steps to remedy the situation. The use of these documents on this site is for the purpose of preserving history and sharing a passion for aviation, with no commercial intent. We would like to thank all those who have contributed enriching our database and documenting the heritage of the Belgian Mirage 5. The authors recognize that some words, model names or designations mentioned on the site are the property of the trademark holder. Those are used for identification purposes only. This publication is not an official document.

The MPA team.

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