Mirage V Pilots Association

founded at BEVEKOM - BEAUVECHAIN 2001 APRIL 24

Letter from the Chairman

Dear fellow DELTA flyers, In DEC 91 at the dissolution of Nb 8 SQN and in anticipation of the total disappearance of our beloved MIRAGE V, a few people, of whom Marie-Jeanne BOULARD and Luc MERCIER were the nucleus, felt this could not be the end of more than 20 years of these magnificent men and their flying machines. At their initiative, in September 1994 a first DELTA MEET was organised at BIERSET with great success. During five years, nothing happened until the same people once again got together and started to plan a second DELTA MEET.

This time more enthusiasts joined them and the need to create a MIRAGE V PILOTS ASSOCIATION (MPA) became evident if a great part of history was not to be forgotten and lost forever. At the last DELTA MEET, pilots were urged to participate actively to create this association; fifteen got involved and now we are finally releasing the brakes. We were 404 few to fly the MIRAGE 5, an experience that must create a unique tie. We need your support if we want to get airborne safely again.

In order to be able to account for everybody's wish we would appreciate your opinion on a number of items: First, we need to know if you desire to join us; Then, we like your idea on the frequency and kind of social events you hope we organise; And, last but not least, we want to get an overview of all historical material from the MIRAGE episode that is scattered all over.

It should be clear that the organisation of a festivity, like the DELTA Meet 2000, demands a long and compelling preparation and one can hardly expect a handful of volunteers to organise such an event EVERY year. Furthermore, the Air Force installations are subject to ever increasing restrictions so support from that angle is rather limited. Less ambitious gatherings such as briefings and visits to military or civilian units can take place several times a year.

The safeguard of the historical patrimony MIRAGE V is an important objective of the MPA. It is in NO WAY the intention to create another museum, but we are convinced that a treasure of souvenirs about the MIRAGE 5 period exists amongst pilots and technical personnel. It would be a great pity if these relics were lost forever. Therefore, we have opted to play a co-ordination role between the owners of souvenirs and already existing organisms. We have the ambition to make an inventory of interesting material which some of you choose to donate or loan, now or later, to an organisation of your choice. We hope you can spare five minutes to fill out these few questions.

We were a special team, let us prove we still are.